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tutorial swi prolog pdf download

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You can see your current working directory by typing 'pwd.' at the prompt ?- ['C:/Program Files/pl/demo/likes'] Load likes.pl using absolute pathAs another choice, just create a file using File/New from inside prologYou will then enter the file to change it, and exit to get back to the prolog dialog boxedit(+Spec)This folder is created if it does not exist


if (s)he wants another solution, or RETURN if (s)he is satisfied, after which Prolog will say YesThis file can be opened in Prolog from the StartMenu, by opening likes.pl in the Windows explorer or using the following command in the Prolog applicationconsult(+File)1.1 Starting Prolog and loading a programIf Prolog is started by opening a .pl file in the explorer, edit this fileLoad (or reload) a source-fileYou open up the .pl file in a separate windowThe query below asks Prolog what food sam' likesFile/Reload modified filesYou create a file with a pl suffix


or can be set as default editor in the Personalization fileYou can also type in consult(likes) to reload (see below)3This menu reloads all loaded source-files that have been modifiedList files in current directoryIf Prolog answers No, it indicates it cannot find any (more) answers to the query1


1.5 Some useful commandsIf Prolog is started from the start menu it is passed the option winapp, which causes it to start in the local equivalent of MyDocuments Prolog I've added my comments/recommendations in purpleWhenever you change it, you reload it into Prolog (via consult or File/reload modified files)with the given name


1.3 Menu commandsLoad likes.pl from the current folder (see pwd/0)This is a shortened version of the Prolog tutorial available from the online help (Help/Online Manual)?- likes(sam, X).X = dahl ;X = tandoori ;X = kurma ;X = chowmein ;X = chopsuey ;X = sweetandsour ;X = pizza ;X = spaghetti ;X = chips ;No?-If you click on the file to start prolog, it sets the default directory to be the directory containing the fileAlso available from the menuYou click on the file to start PrologA Prolog list ([ & ]) can be used to abbreviate the consult command c16eaae032

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